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   With shaking hands I grip the sheets. Weary eyes glide back and forth from the door to the tv that was stuck on a channel that showed romantic comedy movies. I take short breaths and sigh a lot. The only other noise in the room was the clock. Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock... It's been a day and two hours since I've woken up. The flowers in their vase are starting to wilt. Like my patients are. The only visitors I've had is my nurse and two doctors. My parents have been informed that I have awaken and they said they'd be over after work. I sigh again, its only 8 am. I've been up since six because I couldn't possible sleep any longer.
    I hear the door nob turn. My head snaps in the direction, which I quickly regret because of the giant knot in my neck from my coma. The door flies open but its only the nurse again, with breakfast. I ask her nicely to get me some fast food instead of hospital food and she did. That I'm grateful for. I than her after she hands it to me then she leaves and closes the door again. While I eat, I flip through the channels. I see something on the new channel that peaks my interest.
    "After eleven months in a coma, famous space racer, Prince, has awoken today and it seems to be very good news for his fans and close friends and family." the reporter said, then begun interveiwing fans whom had all cut their hair because of the loss of mine. I'm not unhappy with my hair. It is in a very cute curly bob right now. I watch a few more minutes before flipping the channel again. After finding something more to my liking I get comfortable and start eating more.
    My mind wanders to Dandy, wondering if the things I heard were true. Did he want to be with me? Didn't he say he had someone he wanted me to meet? God I wish I hadn't dreamt about him and a whole dumb life with him. My desire to have him for myself is overwhelming. That sounds extremely selfish. I really shouldn't think that way lest I want to become some sort of crazy stalker. That's the last thing I want. It would make Dandy hate me.
    But... In my dream... We had a life. We had a family. And I just had to wake up and have those things taken from me. Which reminds me... Will I ever be able to race again? I got hurt really bad, and all my joints feel stiff and pop when I move. I feel old. My real future was taken from me, my fantasy was also taken too. Dandy's a real ladies man anyway, I don't think he'd go for me ever.
    The hours pass by slowly. I get up only to do my exercises and use the bathroom. It's so lonely when you're conscious and sitting in a hospital room with no one here to keep you company. every now and then I'll get gifts from fans, meaning I have a hundred stuffed animals sitting in one corner and pile of candies sitting by my bed from today alone. the nurse came in with a 'special' stuffed bear with a card and stuff. She handed it to me. I read the card first.
    'Prince. I heard your awake. I'll drop by after 3. Dandy'
    I hugged the bear and smiled. The first since I woke up. I couldn't wait. But why after three? Certainly a specific time... I shrug it off, all I can do is wait for now and maybe try and think of something to do with my short hair. A true conumdrum as of the moment. I mess with it a bit and decide to leave it down.
    By the time three rolled around I was napping and woken by the sound of the door opening and closing. I opened my eyes to see     Dandy peeking out from the corner of the small walk way that led to the room."hey." I breathed with a soft smile.
    "hey." Dandy smiled back."I brought someone." I sat up a bit. Dandy came out from the small walk way."come on its alright. he's awake today."
    I saw the tips of blue hair then a sweet little face then I realized who it was. That was D.J from my dream. I cover my mouth with my hands."oh my..." I get choked up just a bit, knowing I wasn't with Dandy, but knowing that this perfect little being was real. Dandy picked him up,"say hi Deej."
    As they neared, D.J climbed out of Dandy's arms and onto my bed."Hi Mr. Prince."
    "Prince, this is my son, Dandy Junior, or D.J or Deej." Dandy said.
    "oh I know who he is." I told him, pulling D.J into my arms,"hi there, sweetie. While I was asleep I dreamed about you."
    "you did?" D.J asked.
    I nodded,"yes I did. I dreamed about your father too and Q.T and Meow." They both looked very stunned. Dandy should've know by now that I'm so massively in love with him that he would be the thing I dream about.  D.J's little hand took mine and he held it firmly, as he studied the colour of my hair."we have the same hair colour." I chuckled.
    "are you my mama?" He asked, causing Dandy to get embarrassed and snatched him up.
    "Sorry about that. he,uh... His mom kinda took off on us when he was three."  Dandy explained.
    "its fine. I'm okay with it." I chuckled a bit."he's so cute I can't see why anyone would want to leave you two."
    They both perked at that and beamed brightly. It'd be hard to believe if they weren't related. I spent the afternoon talking with them both and Dandy said he'd be back tomorrow when he dropped D.J off at school.  I agreed then they left because it was D.J's bed time. And just as he promised he was there after he dropped off D.J.
    I was super excited I got out of bed just to hug him, which he returned then helped me settle back in the bed. Dandy sat down in the chair,"man I can't tell you how many days I sat here in this chair watching you."
    He nodded,"yeah, your parents called me to ask if I could keep you company. So I came everyday I could and talked for hours on end. Nurses thought I was going crazy talking to myself."
    "that's really sweet of you." I smiled." that'd explain why I could hear you so clearly."
    He flashed that cocky grin of his,"so what'd you dream of that involved both D.J and I?"
    I flushed a bit,"well... I just dreamt of what my heart desired... And it just so happened that what I desire is you. And our ships got stuck together and we were happy. We had.. Such a beautiful wedding, Dandy, oh I wish you had seen what I saw. It was all so wonderful." I paused," but you must think I'm crazy to want another guy, such as yourself."
    Dandy was silent for a moment, then placed his hand over mine," that's funny. I may or may not have talked in great length about this stirring of feelings I felt when I first met you." he chuckled a bit,"you know, Prince, I'm a real ladies man, but I'm also a good dad, and a single one at that. D.J doesn't really approve of any woman I've ever brought into our lives. I'll admit, I've never been with a man, but I think you're the kinda person I'd like to take that chance on."
    My heart skipped a beat, he said that once before in the dream at the beginning."I.. I heard you. My whole dream was you telling me our life together." He looked a little suprised, I pulled him into a kiss. The best kiss I've ever had. It meant everything, my heartbeat sped up, it was everything I wanted and more. When I pulled back I had to catch my breath.
    "so... you wanna give this a whirl?" Dandy asked.
    I laughed,"Oh god yes. I would love to live through the real thing."
   Lately things have been getting weird. I keep hearing this voice telling me to wake up everywhere I go. even though I'm awake. Sometimes the voice is Miya or Mum or Mama. Sometimes the voice is Dandy's....
    "Prince, please. Wake up." the voice desperately pleas with me. I look around always and whisper back," I am awake, please stop."
        But the voice doesn't hear my, it gets heavier each time. Sometimes the voice sounds like its been crying and in a shakey voice it'll say," please... please... wake up..."
    I breathe, I'm going insane. I'm home alone, Dandy isn't here, our son is at school. I can't stop hearing this begging voice for me to wake up even though I AM awake.  I decide to busy myself with chores, preparing dinner, cleaning the kitchen again, washing dishes.
    I hear a shatter, the glass in my hand had broke, blood's never bothered me but the gashes were so thick and deep. some shards of glass had gone all the way through my hand. I feel panick rise. The voice get's louder," WAKE UP PRINCE. WAKE UP. WAKE UP!"
    I wrap my hand in the hand towel and run to the phone but before I can get there I pass out, hitting my head hard enough for it to bleed. The last thing I see is Dandy's feet and hear his voice saying," wake up, baby. you gotta wake up."
    I did indeed wake up. Several hours later in the ICU ward. the first thing I hear is," thank goodness."
    But its not a thank goodness I woke up thank goodness. It was everything looks fine kind of one. The doctor was speaking in a hushed tone with Dandy. I cuaght bits and pieces about myself. They were standing over me, I watched them converse. I was just so out of it I fell back asleep.
    wake up....
    I am awake, stop doing this.
    Prince, if you can hear me, please wake up....please.*sob*
    Mama, please. I am awake. don't cry.
    Hey, Prince...uh... I don't know if you can hear me but, please wake up. I got something real important to tell you... Something I didn't get to tell you before all this happened....
    Dandy... What are you saying? Is something wrong? We can work it out. I promise.
    Bo! bo! wakey, wakey!
   Miya, please. You know I'm awake. I'm okay. I promise.
    "Wake up. Hey baby wake up." I opened my eyes to see Dave leaning over me." hey there."
    "hey." I smiled softly."what's up?"
    Dandy's expression changed to upset," wake up."
    "I said I love you." Dandy was back to normal. I took a deep breath, I've been seeming to do that a lot lately. I sat up a bit, asking where our son was. He came in moment later,"Dad! is he okay?"
    "yeah." Dandy scooped him on. I smiled, he looks so much like Dandy, except he had blue hair, goes by DJ. I loved them both.
    "will he wake up soon?" DJ asked.
    Oh no. not him too. Dandy nodded," I hope so."
    I screamed. wake up prince, there's someone I want you to meet....
    Dandy please stop, I cried. I wanted him to stop begging me to wake up. I am awake. Maybe I'm going crazy. Was I really asleep? No. I was awake. Dandy is here, he's real, so is DJ. So is everyone else. I just gotta work through this. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with me. Its just from... hitting my head. Yeah that's it! Though, that wouldn't make since. The voices were getting so loud. Suddenly everyone was surrounding me shouting and begging for me to open my eyes.
    I can't take it! I can't! Why are they doing this?!

    I sit up violently, panting hard. I look around. I'm in a hospital. I look down at myself. I'm.... in the hospital. Why? Quickly I check my hair. It's short. I feel sitches in my head. What? Didn't this already happen? I look down at me hand, no ring. Was it all a dream? I reach over to the table to grab the bouquet of flowers, they're fresh. I grabbed the note on them.
    Get well soon, Prince. ~ Dandy
    "Dandy... so was that... all a dream?" My bottom lip quivered at this." It can't be. No... please tell me I was not asleep." I got up and crawled to the clip board hanging off the foot board. My eyes scanned the papers for key words. Coma, so it was a dream. 11 months in coma, 11 months?! no. I've been in a coma that long?!
    It hit me all at once, I was alone in a hospital, crying. Perfect way to realize my ideal life was taken from me because it was all just a dream....
   Taking it all in, I looked around. I was finally married to the man  of my dreams. Damn, I must be dreaming. There's no way this is real. I looked at Dandy and kissed him just to make sure I wasn't sleeping. Yup, definantly real. I took a deep breath as we went together to the car that would take us to our honeymoon destination. Both sides of the family were boozed up and throwing the bird seed now as we made a run for the car.
    I slid in first, then Dandy. We relaxed as the driver took us off. I giggled a bit," Dandy, I'm so glad we did this."
"Me too Prince." Dandy smiled sweetly, holding me tightly in his arms.  I take in the view as we're driven to the destination, which, we decided to skimp the honeymoon a bit by making it an over night deal, but it'd be flawless nonetheless. I made sure we at least got a four star hotel suite to have our fun in. Meow and QT would be there in the morning to pick us up then we'd enjoy the day traveling where ever we  like as planned.
    "Prince. Hey, Prince." Dandy snapped his fingers waving his hand in front of my face." earth to Prince."
    "Huh?" I come out of what seems to be a daze. Wait... Wasn't I just? No... That was months ago. I look around we in the adoption agency. Right, we were approved to adopt a child and were meeting him today. He's a cute little six year old with as much spunk as Dandy.  I took Dandy's hand smiling softly as they brought him in.  The young lad bounded in, blue hair sparkling brown eyes, excited gleam in his smile.
What was his name? I don't remember but he goes by DJ. Must stand for something, but I can't remember. Immediately he runs into Dandy's arms calling out," Dad!"
    "Hey there! excited to come with us?" Dandy's asks. DJ nodded and says something about hunting aliens. Oh dear me, does that mean we've hired a private tutor? I don't remember making any arrangements for that. Or... any of that. I watch them interact, like they've known each other for a long time. I'm having the hugest sense of deja vu. I take a deep breath.
wake up Prince...
    I jump, where did that voice come from? I must be losing it. I shake it off and take DJ home with Dandy. I'm startled when I see a house we arrive to, but then I remember, we had to settle in a house to have a stable home for DJ.
   wake up please Prince.... just wake up.
A Dandy Guy- Prandy (14)
sorry it's short, you'll definantly want to find out what's going on in the next chapter.
Prince-month Two by Little-Emo-Anime

   A month since planning started, I was back in the hospital for a check up and for my leg cast to be removed. I was excited to be able to walk again, so was  Dandy. After the doctor checked my back he said," go easy with things in the bed room for at least the next week. Come back if you feel any pinching orpain and we'll see what we can do."
Dandy nodded, knowing he'd have to take note of that since he was know to get a little over excited. I nodded as well and held tight to dandy's hand as they cut the leg cast off. I breathed as the doctor got it off, then moved bent my knee and made sure everything was working right. I wiggled my toes and grinned," oh its a relief to be able to walk again!"
"just remember no heavy lifting, and if you can avoid it, try staying off your feet for long periods of times." The doctor said.
"of course!" I, with the help of Dandy, stood up and walked  a few steps. The doctor told us a few more things then we were able to leave. I felt so free now that I wasn't confined to a chair. We got back on the ship and quite quickly we did fall into bed with giggles and happy smiles. And my, must I say, it was glorious.  We were left breathless and carefree.
we laid next to each other, exchanging a look and smile, laughing slightly. Dandy breathed," I fucking love you."
"I fucking love you too." I giggled." I don't care what the doctors say I could do that all day and never be bored."
Dandy nodded," Same." I rolled closer to him, just to enjoy all, what he ironically calls, this Dandiness. I pulled myself up on his chest and played with his now lose hair, commenting," Your hair is getting long."
He nodded again, looking at his long locks." Yeah. I should cut it again soon."
I honestly liked his hair down and this length but I knew he couldn't stand it." maybe." I changed the subject," should we start looking at venues tomorrow? I think an earth wedding would accomodate our families' fear of flight in space."
"Eath weddings are complicated. and there's only so many places on earth that allow same sex couples to marry." Dandy pointed out," What about the venue we saw a month ago? the one of the planet wedding?"
"honey that venue is expensive and its almost impossible tobook there." I said." we should keep looking for sure. I didn't really like the cliche fake scenes of planet wedding."
"yeah. well we always got time, now that the court date is set and we know we'llwin the case." he kissed me happily.  We relaxed a little longer before our crew mates so rudely bust in to celebrate my new found freedom. I nearly fell out of the bed and rebroke something, but Dandy caught me and made sure we were both covered in the right places. I kissed his cheek in thanks. Turns out Meow and QT had ordered pizza to celebrate. They clamoured onto our bed as Dandy handed me a shirt to put on, while he showed his ass to every one to throw on some boxers.
I fiddled with my left ring finger that was still bare since my ring hand been crushed in the crash. I didn't mind, it just felt naked and weird to me though. Dandy sat back down, putting his arm around me. I smiled softly, leaning on him, drapping my legs over his lap. Dandy grinned," man I didn't realize how much I missed seeing you prance around on these fine ass legs of yours~."
"Dandy!" I gasped, flushing at the statement. In all honesty I loved when he talked like that but I wanted to enjoy the evening with the other's as well. Meow and QT seemed very used to Dandy's shit by now though. Meow just offered me a piece of pizza, which I took with a quiet thank you.
"at boobies we overheard you two planning the wedding, and since Prince is now able to walk we thought it be a nice way to celebrate." QT explained.
Meow nodded," it's not much but its something."
I smiled," Thank you. It's really nice. I really feel like one of the crew now."
Dandy chuckled," You've  been apart of the crew since the ships got locked together, baby. I told you, I'm in this for the long haul.  Kids, marraige, a house in a town. the whole shabang."
Everyone was struck silent by this. The most commitmental thing Dandy's ever said started with kids and marraige. I was awestruck, I was so  happy about this it brought tears to my eyes. He freaked out when I started crying, thinking he'd said something wrong but I just kissed him and said," I love you." over and over again until the happy tears had gone.
Dandy got up after a while to shower. Thats when the gossip started up. QT was first to pipe in about the statement Dandy made." that's the first time he's said something so serious and meant it without having to proove it."
"yeah. We weren't so sure when you two first started off but you're obviously good him." Meow nodded," and you're not afraid to call him out on his mistakes when you blow."
"i'd never seen Dandy so stunned before." QT commented.
"I'm not so special, honestly he came for the ass and stayed for me as a person." I said." I'm glad he did. Ever since the race I had this crazy idea of us in my head. and now here we are."
We all talked while Dandy showered, QT and Meow were really nice. I felt like this was more than a crew, it's a family.
Breathe. Breathe, Prince, breathe. You got this. I say this over and over in my head while mum fixes my hair. Months of planning and a few arguements brought us here to this dressing room. Its the big day. Miya ran around the room saying she was a princess because her dress was so princess-y. Mum smiled at me in the mirror while I sat there, letting her fuss over my now shoulder length hair.
"You're mother and I are very proud of you Prince.  We're so happy we get to see you get married." Mum said and Mama came up to my other side and fixed my bangs. I breathed out again, trying to keep myself calm.
Miya  came up to me and said," bo! Bo! I p'incess!"
"yes you are Miya. Are you excited to be a flower girl?" I asked her, picking her up.
She nodded making grabby hands at her basket," i frow da f'owers on the ground right?"
I nodded," Yes thats right." We'd spent a long time teaching Miya when to toss the flowers, which she'd still go down the isle with my Uncle's nine year old daughter to help her.
"You p'incess?" she asked.
Mama , Mum, and I all laughed." Yes, Miya. I'm a princess too."
Despite some protests we'd gotten Dandy's family to come to the wedding as well.  The younger side of Dandy's family agreed to participate in the wedding. I was surrounded by  girls from my side and Dandy's side alike. It was nice. It felt like everything was coming together. My maid of honor was Dandy's cousin, who was a little younger than me but we bonded over a coffee break at rehersals. I smoothed out my tail coat and set Miya on the ground, standing.
"Okay. I'm ready. Is Dandy ready?" I asked.
"he's standing at the alter waiting." Mama said.
Quickly everyone was out the door and lined up, waiting for their cue. I was going to be walked down the isle by Mama and Meow. One by one everyone went down the isle and took their place. I stepped up, coming around the corner to the open out door venue. I was wearing a white suit with coat tail and Dandy wore a black on to match, our colour scheem was black and blue. I paused at the the beginning of the isle, everyone's eyes were on me. Mum was holding Miya on the front  row. Dandy's mother was crying tears of joy, hell even his father looked a little proud and that was saying something.
I took a deep breath, holding the blue and blackbouquet of flowers. I took my first step forward, my eyes on Dandy, and Dandy's eyes on me. Mama was on my left side, Meow at my right, I smiled softly. Now at the mid way point, my breath got shakey, I was buzzing with excitement. When I reached him, I nodded to Mama and Meow who took their places. I turned to Dandy and smiled.
"Dearly Beloved, we've gathered here today...." I tuned out the pastor, the only thing that mattered was that I was here with Dandy. In this moment mywhole life before him meant almost nothing."The couple have written their own vows and wish to share them now in place of the traditional ones."
I handed the bouquet off to my maid of honour and took Dandy's hands, holding his gaze," Dandy, on this day, I vow to be your husband, your best friend, and your lover. They'll still be times we argue, but nonetheless I'll always love you. I vow that I will listen to your complaints, cuddle with you at night, and try to be first one up to beat you to the coffee." he chuckled at this. " most of all I look forward to raising a family with you, and whatever the future holds for us."
When I finished I dabbed my eyes to stop the tears threatening to fall. Dandy smiled, taking my hand once I was done stopping the tears." Prince." he started," First I want to say, damn. You look gorgeous today. But then again You always look great. when we hit that scary patch after your crash I'd made up my mind. I told myself that I am going to be everything you'll ever need.  Today I take my promise to the next level. No matter what dumb thing I do, no matter how mad you get with me I'll always come crawling back with a smile and arms wide open. I love you, and I'll love where ever we live, and I'll love our kid...s. But most importantly I'll love you. Like I told you when we start out, you're the kind of person I'd like to take that chance on."
We exchanged rings, then were told we could kiss, and indeed we did. I jumped in his arms and kissed him hard as he held me up and kissed back. I couldn't be happier. Niether could he by the way he was squeezing my butt.
    Hey guys! If you didn't noticed I left for 4th of July weekend to spend it with my fiancee`, whom is going to college three states away, so I won't be able to see her in person for a while. But I'm back and while I work on finishing my Grell cosplay I will be working on "A Dandy Guy". So, see you when the new chapter comes out.


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